Craft Concepts Group is presented by Teddy Sourias and includes BRU Craft & Wurst, U-Bahn, Kontrol, Finn McCool’s Ale House, Uptown Beer Garden, Tradesman’s, White, Pink, and Green Elephant, Sueño, Tinsel holiday pop-up bar, Memories in Margate and more to come.

The collection of CCG restaurants, bars, beer gardens and pop-up concepts focuses on showcasing and being a driver in the elevation of Philadelphia’s thriving craft beer scene. CCG works to also diversify craft beer and cider tastes by exposure to local, regional and national quality craft companies.

CCG concepts are proud to pour one of the region’s most diverse craft lists that includes a wide selection of ciders and sours, rare and hard-to-find ales and IPAs, as well as exclusive beers and ciders made exclusively for CCG. Currently pouring 164 taps – making Craft Concepts Group one of, if not the largest, number of taps poured by a group or restaurant in the city of Philadelphia.


Teddy, a native of Greek heritage, was born and raised in Philadelphia. After completing high school, he chose not to pursue further formal education. Instead, he dove headfirst into the world of entrepreneurship. His journey began at the age of 13 when he started working as a busboy. Teddy's work ethic and determination were evident as he continued to work at the same restaurant while simultaneously taking on a second job at Wawa when he turned 16. His career took an unexpected turn when he accepted a position at a cell phone company, eventually rising to become an assistant manager.

However, Teddy never let go of his dream of owning a business. At the remarkably young age of 20, he, along with his father Peter, made a pivotal move by purchasing their very first bar, Finn McCools Ale House.This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey through the restaurant and real estate industry.Despite his decision not to pursue higher education, Teddy's passion for real estate development in Center City Philadelphia has flourished. Over time, he has purchased numerous properties in the heart of the city, solidifying his presence in the real estate arena. These investments have complemented his impressive portfolio of Philadelphia's dining and nightlife establishments, which include renowned favorites such as Tradesman's, U-Bahn, Bru Craft & Wurst, Uptown Beer Garden, Sueno, Kontrol, and the captivating holiday pop-up bar, Tinsel and the ultra- secret and luxurious speakeasy known as “101” a hidden gem in Philadelphia’s nightlife scene.

Even with the demands of his burgeoning career, Teddy remains deeply committed to his family. CCG, their venture, is a true family-owned enterprise, with both his father, Peter Sourias, and his mother, Maria Sourias, actively involved. Outside of the hustle and bustle of work life, Teddy resides in the Philadelphia suburbs with his wife and their three sons.Guided by a dedicated team of over 200+ employees, Teddy and the CCG crew are on a steadfast mission to expand their footprint in the vibrant Philadelphia restaurant and real estate scene, while also serving as trailblazers for future entrepreneurs, both locally and in other major cities.


Hank, originally from the quaint town of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania, carries the legacy of a third-generation bar and restaurant operator. His journey into the world of business began with a degree in Business Administration, earned through studies at both Shippensburg University and Montgomery County Community College. After completing his education, Hank embarked on a distinguished career in the hospitality industry. His dedication and expertise led him to join the Craft Concepts Group, where he played a pivotal role in launching the Uptown Beer Garden during its inaugural season.

Over time, he took on various responsibilities within CCG, including the role of General Manager, and most recently, serving as the company's Events Coordinator. Relocating to Philadelphia, Hank embraced city life and the convenience it offered, while still cherishing the proximity to the beach. An unwavering football enthusiast, he remains a fervent supporter of local sports teams. Not content with merely running a business, Hank believes in giving back to his community, both as a private citizen and a business operator.Hank's ultimate aspiration is to leverage his strengths and life experiences to propel Craft Concepts Group into a multi-state entity, thus extending its influence and success far beyond its current boundaries.


A proud alumna of Penn State University, Isabel received her degree from the renowned Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications in 2019. Born and raised in South Jersey, she spent a lot of time in Philadelphia on weekends exploring the food scene. With initial aspirations in entertainment, she dived into the professional world interning at an influencer talent management firm during her college years.

Post-graduation, Isabel started her first job during the pandemic as an Executive Assistant at a nonprofit. However, the need for a more dynamic role led her to Craft Concepts Group in 2021. Despite being a newcomer to the hospitality industry, Isabel exhibited an impressive learning curve, mastering the nuances of the restaurant industry and business management. Recognizing her innate capabilities, the company elevated her to the role of Assistant Director of CCG shortly before her second anniversary.

Outside her professional life, Isabel spends her free time with her close friends and family, particularly her two nieces and a nephew.  She’s an avid makeup, movie and dog lover. She spends her weekends in the summer in Margate City, New Jersey with her entire family. Isabel hopes to one day have a family of her own and move back to South Jersey.


Born and raised in Costa Rica, currently based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he has a bachelor degree in Architecture and post graduate studies in Set Design. From an early age, the film & theater world captivated him, giving him the chance to create worlds for imaginary characters and places. Eight years of experience working as a set designer or art director for a wide range of productions including: musicals, plays, tv advertisements, international reality TV shows, films and operas. Titles include: Jesus Christ Superstar, Chicago, West Side Story, Don Giovanni and I Pagliacci. Commercials include companies like: McDonalds, Nissan, Uber. The city, and the house -as particle of the whole-, are his main sources of inspiration and main field of artistic work. Many of his works feature windows, as the portals linking the inside and the outside letting in light and air, setting the mood for the day. In 2021, he had a solo exhibition at the National Costarrican Art Museum titled “Imaginaries of Congestion”.